Visa Application Center in Mumbai

Dear applicants,
In order to obtain a Russian visa it is recommended to apply through the official Russian Visa Centers established to enhance the quality of service, as well as to facilitate visa procedure (located in New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai).

Russian Visa Center in Mumbai

Russian Visa Centers are designated by the Russian Consular Institutions and are fully capable of accepting and processing documents required for a Russian visa forwarding them to the Russian Consular Offices from any individuals, organizations or companies (including travel agencies).

Visa Centers can consult clients on visa application forms and other required documents, processing fees, time and other visa formalities.

The final decision to issue or refuse a Russian visa lies with the respective Russian Consular Institutions.

Russian Visa Centers in India collect service fee.

The service fee is separate from the consular fee payable to the Russian Consular Institutions.

Companies and organizations, including travel agencies and any other entities applying for visas on behalf of customers or employees, regardless of the purpose of visit to Russia, must apply through the Visa Centers only.

Individual foreign citizens have the right to apply directly to the Consular Division of the Embassy of the Russian Federation or the nearest Consulate General of the Russian Federation to obtain a visa for themselves and the closest relatives by making a prior appointment via the web portal (

Certain categories of applicants including diplomats and officials can apply directly to the Russian Consular Institutions.

In order to prevent cases of fraud with the pre-registration system, the consular institution accepts documents only of those, whose personal data were entered into the system during the registration of the application. In case of discrepancy of the information specified in the system with the data of the applicant, whose documents are submitted to the consular institution, they are not accepted for consideration. Only one set of submitted documents can be processed during a one reserved time slot.